Comté tourism: visit the region of France

General to visit the French region of Franche-Comté to discover the natural and artistic heritage.

Travel Guide Franche-Comte

The territory of this region of France is bordered to the south with that of the Rhone-Alps to the south west of Burgundy, in the northwest of the Champagne Ardenne, Lorraine north and north-east of Alsace and Switzerland. Haute-Saône in the forests is widespread, there are many rivers, which recall the water sports enthusiasts, and ponds to rest in a cool place in the green.

The Doubs boasts an important architectural heritage that deserves to be discovered, by every tourist, from Besançon with the famous citadel. Not to forget Arc et Senans, the magnificent castle of Joux and the picturesque town of Ornans.

Doubs you can also enjoy numerous specialties of gastronomy, including the Comté, a type of cheese made with raw milk, and tasty sausages Morteau and Montbéliard. Another destination for nature lovers is the chain of the Jura, where do exciting excursions mountain contentando the palate with the specialties of some shelter.

In the department of Belfort cultural attractions, such as the city of the same name which is the main, and references to nature consist expanses forest, waterways and marshes.

Thanks to the significant natural heritage, the Jura mountains and forests of the plateau, Franche-Comté is an ideal destination for tourists who love beautiful landscapes. Apart from this there are also notable architectural works and refined local cuisine. The main cities are Besançon, Belfort and Montbéliard.