Connecticut tourism: what to see in the state of New England

Useful information trip to Connecticut, where he is, the type of landscapes and most interesting places to visit in the state of the US.

Connecticut Travel Guide

Connecticut is one of 50 states that are part of the United States of America and is geographically located along the northeastern coast in the New England region.

To the south is washed by the Long Island Sound, which is an arm of the sea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean between the north-western coast of North America and the island of Long Island in the vicinity of the city of New York, and is bordered by Massachusetts to north, with the State of New York to the west and with Rhode Island east.

Historically, the first Connecticut became a Dutch colony and later a British colony in 1776 but declared independence.
The landscape is characterized mostly by hills and many forests with the flat central region located in the valley of the Connecticut River, whose waters are used to irrigate abundantly fields for agriculture.

The industrial sector is very svilupato in the mechanical, metallurgical, textile and chemical while in agriculture is extensive production of cereals, tobacco, potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

Also the breeding of some species of animals is developed including, in particular, that of cattle and poultry. Considerable importance in the economy of the state are of the settoro tourism and the service sector.

Connecticut is Yale University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. In the state of Connecticut, there are several cities to visit including the capital of Hartford, home to a major university, New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford, Greenwich, New London, Norwalk, Danbury and Waterbury.