Consoled Shrine of Turin: history, architecture, during church

History of the Shrine of the Consolata, who to this basilica, legend of the ancient icon of Our Lady, during church and the various liturgical celebrations.

Basilica Sanctuary of the Consolata

The Consolata Shrine, located in the historic center of Turin, is dedicated to Madonnna Comforter, which is the patroness of the city of Turin. Is a church with an ancient history in which a good part of the citizens is deeply linked. At the origin of the Church of the Consolata and the Marian cult there is an image of the Madonna that since the fifth century was in a chapel dedicated to St. Andrew, near the walls.

At the beginning of the eleventh century, following the arrival of the Benedictine monks from the Abbey of Novalesa fled because of the assaults of the Saracens, was built on the site of this chapel, the Romanesque church of Sant’Andrea, also including the steeple, which of this ancient complex is the only remaining testimony today. This Church was located at the point where there is the vestibule of the baroque building, which was built in the seventeenth century, with several alterations until the early twentieth century, when the architect Carlo Ceppi gave him the look current.

The setting of the building is the work of Guarino Guarini, while the altar is by Filippo Juvarra. Always goes back to the eleventh century the tradition according to which, the ancient image of Our Lady of Consolation, which was lost during the construction of the ancient Romanesque church, was found thanks to a vision of a young blind man of Briançon, which digging found the icon and regained his sight, beginning the great devotion to this image of the Madonna, a dispenser of grace. This representation does not exist today, the picture today is a work of revered Antoniazzo Romano dating from the late fifteenth century, a gift of Cardinal Della Rovere. The feast is celebrated on 20 June each year.

During church

7 hours 10 8:30 11:30
16 (October to June)
18:15 19:30
Hours 8: Prayer LODI
17: Vespers, Benediction, Rosario
6.30 7 8 9 10 11 12
18 19 (suspended August and pre-holidays)
Vigil on Saturday

Other moments of prayer

Each day (Mon-Fri)
8 hours (wk Jun): Lodi-Mass in the Crypt
Hours 8.30-12 (wk Jun): Adoration in Crypt
17 hours: Via Crucis (Friday of Lent)
17.30: Rosario
18 Hours: Vespers in the Mass

Every Saturday
Hours 12.30-17 Eucharistic Adoration
17 pm Vespers Rosario

6:30 to 12:15 / 15-19