Constance Lake tourism: what to see between towns and islands

lindau island constance lake
lindau island constance lake

What to see on Lake Constance, attractions and places to visit islands and towns, cycling and water sports.

Attractions Constance lake

Organize holidays Constance Lake to spend a few days in contact with nature and visit the little towns and islands by boat. Constance Lake, enclosed in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is an inviting tourist destination as it offers various possibilities for a holiday in contact with nature, with the boats across the lake, making relaxing bike rides along the bike path surrounding it, or water sports. The gently hilly landscape surrounds the shores of this great lake of glacial origin, where there are attractive towns and cultural sites to visit.

– Mainau Island, featuring beautiful flowers, plants, forests and manicured gardens surrounding the baroque castle of Count Lennart Bernadotte. To visit the butterfly house Germany’s largest, with many examples of exotic butterflies.
– Reichenau Island, belongs to the municipality of Reichenau, in the district of Konstanz. The island is part of the World Heritage Site, because in 724 there was founded a Benedictine monastery that has been influential spiritual, intellectual and artistic in Europe. The large monastic complex remain today the Cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary and St. Mark, and the churches of St. George and the Saints Peter and Paul.

Places to visit Constance Lake

– Lindau Island, reached by a bridge, is valued for its quaint old town.

– Friedrichshafen is a town that is located on the north shore of Lake Constance, Germany, famous for the Zeppelin museum, since it was the site of the factory of Zeppelins in the early twentieth century.

– Meersburg is one of the most picturesque towns bordering on Lake Constance in Germany. And ‘characterized by a lovely old town which slopes toward the lake, formed by a lower part and a high connected by steep stairs, narrow medieval streets and charming terraces. The two castles, one of which is very old and a newer one (XVIII sec.), Give the town a very striking.

– Überlingen, is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Constance, and is a medieval town surrounded by walls. To visit the Church and the late Gothic Town Hall. Nearby Überlingen is Birnau, the seat of a Cistercian shrine built by Peter Thumb. The interior decoration of the sanctuary is in rococo style, thanks to the collaboration of the sculptor and the painter and plasterer JA Feichtmayr B. Götz.

– Constance is the largest city that is located on the lake of the same name, is worth visiting its old town.

– Wasserburg is a pretty town situated on a peninsula on the eastern shore of Lake Constance. Visit the Church of St. George.