Cordoba: what to see in one day, visit the Mezquita

Visit Cordoba in one day, things to see in the city of Andalusia, located on a plain at the foot of the Sierra Morena in Spain.

Guide Cordoba

Spanish cities collogata geographically in Andalusia, Cordoba is located on the right bank of the Guadalquivir River, in the plain that lies at the foot of the Sierra Morena. In the industrial sector of considerable importance in the food industry, engineering, chemicals, textiles and cement.

What to see in Cordoba

With infinite charm of a city that has played in the past as the capital of the Muslim empire, Cordoba Spain still bears the signs of Arab art in an even more pronounced compared to other cities of the autonomous region of Andalusia in Spain.

Cordoba is a city that exudes art everywhere, both while walking in its streets or squares with fountains, both while you visit the Mezquita, the great mosque of Cordoba, which is one of the most beautiful mosques in Europe, erected over the previous San Vincenzo church.

We find this magnificent structure in the town center, with impressive appearance made of high walls and a spectacular indoor plant that does remain enchanted visitors to admire all its architectural beauty, style mixed Gothic-Renaissance and with lighting that makes perfect easily guess that it has been created specifically to bring out the stunning beauty of the decorations.

Among the more monumental buildings that are worth a visit, excel the bridge over the Guadalquivir, the Grand Mosque, the churches of Santa Marina, San Giacomo and Santa Chiara. The origins of Cordoba are ancient and are lost in Roman times when it was a thriving colony of the empire.