Corfu holidays beaches, what to see between monasteries and olive groves

tunnel of love canal amour corfu greece
tunnel of love canal amour corfu greece

Travel Guide Corfu, journey to discover the island, ideal for beach holidays with beautiful beaches and small villages very nice to visit.

Holidays in Corfu

The island of Corfu is one of the most popular holiday in Greece, located in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Epirus, on the border between Greece and Albania. The closest point to the Albanian coast, the island is separated from the mainland by a narrow sea off about 3 km, while the maximum distance from the Greek coast is about 25 km.

Near the capital of Corfu, Kerkyra in greek, is the international airport, which is popular in the summer, and various landing points along the coast, ready to welcome any type of boat. It was the Greek inhabitants of the island of Evia to form, in 775-750 BC, the first known settlements on the island of Corfu.

In 734 BC, a group of refugees from Corinth founded a colony, and since then, many peoples have ruled the island, situated in a strategic position in the Mediterranean, often attacked by raids of pirates. Corfu was Roman, Byzantine, Norman, Venetian, French, English until 1864, when it moved finally to Greece.

What to see in Corfu

Today Corfu is a very popular tourist destination for the beauty of its beaches, its sea and all its natural environment characterized by picturesque villages perched on the slopes, ancient monasteries, olive groves and picturesque views.

In the north of the island are beautiful sandy beaches of Sidari, in particular the Love Channel, Roda, Acharavi. On the west coast, the area of ​​Paleokastritsa, formed by rocky coves and beaches, some accessible by boat, is quite spectacular.

An ancient monastery stands on a promontory and enriches the enchanting landscape. To visit the old town of Corfu, full of charm, Mount Pantokratoras, in the north-east of the island, with its 911 meters is the highest point of Corfu, on top is the Monastery Pantokratoras, and on a side a group of houses and stone churches, now abandoned, is what is left of Palia Perithia (old Perithia), a town dating back to the fourteenth century, once inhabited by many people, coming from the coast under attack by pirates and malaria, found refuge there.

Main seaports

New port where ferries from Italy and Greek ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa

Old port, where small boats are moored and fishing boats.

Mandraki Marina, which is used mainly by the owners of the sailboat.

Marina di naok, equipped for all types of vessels.