Croatia holidays and useful guide for travel and tourism

croatia map
croatia map

Tourist guide Croatia, things to know to organize trips in the state in the Balkan peninsula ideal for beach holidays.

Croatia in brief

  • Capital: Zagreb
  • Surface area in square kilometers: 56 538
  • Population: 4.679.OOO
  • Religion: Catholic with Orthodox and Muslim Sunni minority.

Where is Croatia

Croatia is located in the Balkan Peninsula and is bordered to the northwest with Slovenia, northeast with Hungary, east with Serbia and Montenegro, on the south by Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the west is washed by the Adriatic Sea. croatia in the north, widely cultivated in the south has a karst. The coast is lined with many islands, and in this area, is highly developed tourist activity for beach holidays in Croatia. Zagreb over other major cities are Split, Pula, Zadar, Rijeka, Sibenik, Dubrovnik.


The most important rivers in Croatia are the Drava and Sava, tributaries of the Danube, which forms the border for a stretch with the Serbian region of Vojvodina. Croatia also run in the Walls, a tributary of the Drava, Kupa and the tributary of the Sava. In Country Park Plitvice (World Heritage Site by Unesco) are 16 lakes fed by two rivers and underground sources, connected by waterfalls that flow into the river Korana.

Climate Croatia

Within the country, the climate is moderate continental, the coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate.

Islands Croatia

The islands, procedento from north to south, are Krk, Rab, Hvar, Brac, Korcula, Mljet and many more with ideal characteristics to make a good holiday, relaxing in the nature and, if fans boat, sailing in the beautiful waters of the sea along the coast between a bay, a bay or a romantic cove where relax in the sun for a classic and memorable tan.

Beaches Croatia

Among the best in the world, the beaches of Croatia enjoying a clean sea and unspoilt nature. There are sandy beaches, as the beach at Paradise Lopar island of Rab, and pebble beaches, like that of Baska, the main tourist resort in the south of the island of Krk.


Croatia is inhabited mostly by Croats and minority Serbs, by Bosnian citizens of Muslim faith, Hungarian and Italian.

Time zone

It’s the same as Italian at any time of year.

Spoken language

The official language of Croatia is Croatian. Are spoken by some minorities of the population also Serbian, Hungarian and Italian in Istria. Are also known in English and German.

Economy of Croatia

Croatia has made its entry into the European Union July 1, 2013.

When you go to Croatia

The best time to go to Croatia goes from April to October.

Documents required travel Croatia

To enter Croatia need an identity card valid for foreign travel or passport valid. It is not required for Italian citizens visa for tourism. The green card is not obligatory, but it is advisable to get it from their Insurance.

Phone Croatia

Phone Prefixes to call Croazia is 00385.

Electricity in Croatia

The electric current in Croatia is 220 volts.

Money Croazia

The official currency of Croatia is Kuna.