Dahab: Vacation between beaches, coral reefs and windsurfing

dahab blue hole
dahab blue hole

Driving holiday in Dahab, what to do, where to stay in the tourist center of the Red Sea from the golden beaches, desert trips, diving recommended to admire the coral reef.

Travel Dahab Egypt

Dahab is a small town and a very popular tourist destination in the world for holidays in Egypt. It lies by the Red Sea, in the south-eastern part of the Sinai Peninsula, at a distance of about 100 kilometers from Sharm el Sheikh.

It’s a place of passage during the excursions from Sharm el Sheikh to the desert and Mount Sinai.

Dahab in arabic means gold probably in reference to the color of the sand of the beach and the desert that characterizes this place. It is also known for specials diving sites of this part of the sea red.

Keep in mind that the area of ​​Dahab offers ideal conditions for windsurfing.

As for tourist accommodation, this certainly do not lack in Dahab that, despite being a small town,
it is equipped with modern hotels and family-run inns, there are campsites and inns by the sea where you can sample some local specialties.

The nearest airport is Sharm Dahab from which you can reach by taking a taxi or a minibus to get carried to the bus station.