Dallas: what to see in the city of cowboys in Texas

What to see in and around Dallas, history, where it is, economy, routes between skyscrapers and shopping malls, visit Southfork Ranch neighborhood.

Travel Guide Dallas

The story, where it is, economy and what to see on a journey of tourism Dallas, Texas cities feature in many respects. The city of Dallas is located in the state of Texas in the US is one of the largest cities in the United States, covering about 500 square kilometers as land area with a population of 1,250,280.

Dallas was founded in 1841 and for many years is well known around the world for the burgeoning oil industry, which relies on huge deposits present on site and in the whole territory of Texas, for telecommunications, information technology and the modern banking system. The origin of the name “Dallas” is a mystery, despite claims to the contrary.

It has often been stated that both the county and the city were named after George Mifflin Dallas, the eleventh Vice President of the United States. However, there is no evidence that Bryan ever met George Mifflin Dallas, and the area was called Dallas several years before it was elected.

Another idea comes from the fact that the name comes from a small town in Pennsylvania, actually called Dallas. Quickly became a thriving center for the cotton trade, the wheat and the buffalo and financial center for the oil industry in Texas and Oklahoma.
E ‘in Dallas that was invented in 1958 by Texas Instruments the first integrated electronic circuit and also why they have developed in the area also related to technology and electronics industries.

Major center for banking and insurance in the late 80s, suffered a severe economic crisis due to the strong corollo the savings and loan crisis that began in the knee throughout the economy with hundreds of millions of dollars for development burned in a short time .

This began a period of recession that lasted partly mitigated in 1990 by the burgeoning growth of technology-based firms electronics that helped to alleviate the difficult period. In the suburbs are to see the typical ranch including Southfork Ranch, where he was shot the famous television series Dallas.

In the center is not unusual to see business people wearing the typical cowboy hat, walking or driving luxury cars. Among the most striking things at a glance that there are certainly skyscrapers at night with their lights produce a significant effect choreography.

To visit museums of arts and sculptures, the Museum of Science and History Museum of Dallas. For purchases recommended a visit to the malls of North Park Mall and The Galleria, especially during the holiday season.