Danakil Afar: travel to the discovery of the Triangle in Ethiopia

danakil desert afar
danakil desert afar

Information for adventure trips in the Danakil desert of salt and characteristics of the land where the people of Afar leave, the best times to go.

Where is the Danakil

The Danakil is a region of East Africa extended between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti, which is the northern part of the Afar Triangle, a vast depression formed by salt deserts and lava, active volcanoes and salt lakes, which outline an unreal landscape, of fascinating, very interesting from the geological and anthropological.

It is one of the most inaccessible places on earth, with temperatures above 40 ° C, a salt desert vast 600 sq km, the legacy of a geological cataclysm occurred 80,000 years ago, when the area was under the sea, scenery intended to repeating the contrary in a long period of time a million years, when the territory will again ocean.

Afar people

This is the land of the legendary Afar or Danakil, a people hardened by the difficulties of the land and the climate. Shepherds and farmers are moving according to the short rains and fertility of pastures, live in villages solitary huts formed by the hemispherical shape, which are disassembled and carry easily, made with mats of palm leaves.

For millennia Afar breed camels and sell the salt obtained from the ground, from the plateau of Ethiopia down with camels in single file, along the route of salt caravans, until the Piana del Sale, which is over a hundred meters below the level of sea, where there are workers who extract and cut the salt, then go back with the camels laden with bricks of salt to bring to the market to be sold.

Just south of the plain of salt begins the chain of volcanoes Erta Ale, smoking mountain, in the central part of which is the volcano that gives its name to the chain, 613 meters high and within walking distance. The tour begins in the late afternoon when the sun is more forgiving, you must bring plenty of water and everything you need to spend a night on the summit of Erta Ale to admire the spectacle.

When to go Danakil

Visit the Danakil is a very adventurous trip and requires very adaptable, for high hazard area required drivers and local guides to travel, as well as an armed escort. The months suitable for visiting the Danakil are November, December and January.