Dardanelles: where it is

dardanelles strait map
dardanelles strait map

The Dardanelles, which connects the Sea of Marmara to the Aegean sea, it is about 62 km long and has a truck width of between approximately 1200 and 8000 meters.

General Dardanelles

It was formerly called the Hellesponto, and today along with the Bosphorus Strait marks the boundary between Europe and Asia. Thanks to its strategic location was the scene of many battles in the past between the various contenders.

From 20 July 1936 to this narrow passage it is regulated by the Montreux Convention, agreement between France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Japan, Greece and the Soviet Union.

This agreement was established complete freedom of navigation of merchant ships of any flag in peacetime and in time of war would be limited transit to ships flying the flags of countries not in conflict with Turkey by informing the government turkish least 8 days before of the passage.

The control of the Dardanelles in 1946 was one of the causes leading to the Cold War between the United States, who supported Turkey and the Soviet Union.