Delaware: journey in the first state of the United States of America

What to see in Delaware, journey through the three counties with historical information and in the area, visit the town and beaches.

Delaware Travel Guide

Delaware, one of the smallest states of the federation of the United States of America, is located in the northeastern part of the Delmarva Peninsula and has the capital to Denver. From the administrative point of view this state is divided into three counties of New Castle, Kent and Sussex.

Originally, before the exploration of its coast by European navigators occurred in the sixteenth century, the inhabitants of Delaware were composed of Native American groups, especially in the north were the Lenape and the Nanticoke south.

First it was colonized by the Dutch in 1631, after he took part, along with other 13 colonies, the American Revolution that led him to be the first state to sign the United States Constitution.

Today, with regard to the domestic economy, it must be said that the two southern counties have historically predominantly agricultural, while the New Castle County is the most industrialized. On its territory there are vast plains destined mainly to agriculture.
The industrial sector is characterized by the presence of some chemical and steel industries as well as many yards. The climate of this state is tempered for about the beneficial effects of the ocean.

Contrary to what you might think, given the small size of the territory from north to south is about 150 km, in Delaware will have discrete changes in average temperatures, moving longitudinally from Sussex County and one in New Castle.

The Delaware, as well being a small state, it is a pleasant destination to discover as there are pretty towns, beautiful countryside and long beaches for sea life.

Urban centers to remember are Wilmington and Dover, the capital city looking neat and particular which is also the county seat of Kent.