Denmark holidays guide, useful information for travel and tourism

denmark map
denmark map

Guide Denmark, all the things to know to organize trips and vacations in the state of northern Europe with the capital Copenhagen.

Denmark in brief

  • Capital: Copenhagen
  • Surface area in square kilometers: 43 092
  • Population: 5,383,507
  • Religion: Mostly Protestant

Where is Denmark

Denmark consists of the peninsula of Jutland and about 600 islands. It’s wet north and west by the North Sea, the Baltic Sea east and south borders Germany. Occupies the northern part of the peninsula of Jutland and stretches east to Sweden. Its major islands are: Sjaelland, Fiona, Lolland, Falster, Mon, Langeland, Aero, Als, Bornoholm, Laeso. The Little Belt and the Great Belt are two arms of the sea that separates these islands. The Ores is the strait that separates the island of Zealand from Sweden. The peninsula of Jutland is separated from Sweden by the Skagerrak and Kattegat. The territory of Denmark is flat or slightly wavy. The eastern shores and those of the islands are very jagged and with many ports. The western coasts are low and sandy. Greenland and the Faroe Islands are part of Denmark, even though they have autonomous statutes. The ordering of Denmark is a constitutional monarchy Parliamentary democratic.

Lakes and rivers

In Denmark there are many lakes. Gudena is the major river.

Climate Denmark

Climate is oceanic, humid winds with Westerners. The winters are very rigid and cool summers.


Denmark population is formed by 96.5% by the Danes, and a small minority of Germans and Swedes. It focuses mainly in the cities, especially in Copenhagen, in the archipelago and on the eastern coast of the peninsula.


Danish is the official language of Denmark.


In Denmark there are agriculture and cattle breeding that give rise to a thriving industry that uses highly specialized techniques. The industry of Denmark is also active in shipbuilding, metalworking, textiles, chemicals, ceramics, rubber, cement, and the conservation of fish because the fishing is very developed. You export especially fish, meat and dairy products.

When to go Denmark

The summer months are the best (April to August) for a visit to Denmark. It’s very nice also the period of the Christmas holidays.

Documents needed

Identity card or passport.


International code to call Denmark is 0045.


The power grid is 220 volts 50Hz.


The krone is the currency of Denmark.