Disneyland Paris: what to do and guide the playground

Guide to the playground Disneyland Paris, located near Paris, what to do and fun theme with possibility to stay for families.

Packages Disneyland Paris

Visit Disneyland Paris, the first themed amusement park located near the capital of France and in four other cities in the world.

The Disneyland Paris, although building was built following the model of existing parks in California, Florida and Tokyo, shows some differences such as different from the heading of Section futuristic Tomorrowland in Discoveryland and Space Mountains, much more carefully than the previous achievements.

The park was opened in 1955 in Anaheim, about 40 Km. From Los Angeles in California. From then until now, the first model of this park, they were open four more in the world, including one in Florida in Orlando, one in Japan in Tokyo, one in France in Paris and the last in China.

What to do at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland is the name of the first theme park that takes its name from its founder Walt Disney. The Sleeping Beauty Castle located in the center of the park is considered the most important.

Be noted that the Park Disneyland Paris are also organized shows and themed parades including the main Fantillusion, which takes place at night and ten chariots parade with various characters that symbolize the struggle between good and evil, all expertly lit a myriad of colored lights that surround the scene.

At the park disneyland Paris come mostly European tourists, followed by Arabs and Americans.