Douro River to visit: barcos rabelos and Porto

Interesting facts about the Douro, Portugal’s major river running through Porto, history of barcos rabelos.

River Douro and Porto

The Douro River is the third longest river in the Iberian Peninsula after the Tagus and the Ebro. In the stretch of river that runs along the Portuguese town of Porto, situated on the right bank, and Vila Nova de Gaia, located on the left bank, several boats are moored characteristics, called in Portuguese barcos rabelos.

The Barcos rabelos were for transport to the Douro River’s famous port wine, whose factories for storage are largely located right in Vila Nova de Gaia, including the famous winery Sandeman.

The design of these boats several centuries ago and have the distinction of having the barrels on the blanket suitable for the transport of wine from the cellars of production upstream to the warehouses located in the city.