Edinburgh: what to see, attractions and places to visit

What to see in Edinburgh, attractions and places to visit in this town of Scotland, from the castle to the cathedral.

Attractions Edinburgh

Geographically located on the south bank of the River Firth of Forth, in correspondence with the initial slopes of the Pentland hills along the west coast, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland since 1437. The city of Edinburgh boasts historic parts of relief, both in the old part, a predominantly medieval, both in the new part dating back to the Georgian, why Unesco has granted, with merit, the title of World Heritage Site.

The foundation of Edinburgh dates back to the seventh century, most likely at the hands of King Edwin of Northumberland. In the last century has experienced a remarkable period of economic growth that has enabled it to become one of the largest manufacturing centers in Britain, especially in the brewing industry, tanning, paper and pharmaceuticals.

Places to visit in Edinburgh

The oldest part of the city is situated on the eastern side, at the foot of a hill with its impressive castle. Since the early twentieth century, the town was extended to the coast, incorporating other peripheral centers, including Leith, a large industrial center with a naval port at the forefront.

The main monument of the city is the charming Castle, whose origins are very old, located in an elevated position on a volcanic rock in the middle of the city, from which you can enjoy a spectacular panorama.

Edinburgh is considered by many one of the most beautiful city in Scotland and Britain, of great prestige in the arts and culture thanks to the numerous civil and religious buildings of note including the Royal Palace, the Abbey of Holyrook, the Cathedral St. Giles, the university as well as various museums and art galleries. In the summer months Edinburgh hosts a large arts festival.