Egyptian Pyramids: construction, mysteries of funerary buildings

egyptian pyramids
egyptian pyramids

What are the Egyptian pyramids, where they are, funerary monuments of architecture, mythological significance and function of the place of burial according to the beliefs of the time, methods to build them.

Mystery Egyptian pyramids

The Egyptian pyramids, ancient funerary buildings in Egypt with a square base and used for worship, are formed by four smooth faces that join the edges of the base to the pyramidion, or the pyramidal spire monolithic pyramids representing the sacred stone Benben.

The Pyramid of Cheops is located at Giza, also commonly known as the Great Pyramid,
is the only one to remain largely intact.

The construction is attributed to Cheops, belonging to the fourth dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs, who erected as funerary monument.

The pyramid of Cheops differs from the other pyramids for the large number of passages and chambers as well as for the large internal finishing of the work and for a great accuracy of construction.

With the deposition of the king inside the pyramid you wanted to ensure life after death in the afterlife. There was the burial chamber, where it was deposited the mummified body of the pharaoh.

The construction technique was definitely high level for that time, with the use of stone tools and heavy building blocks transported on special slides through the use of numerous animals and men.