Eilat: where it is, what to see in the city of Israel

kings-city eilat israel
kings-city eilat israel

Holidays in Eilat, tour guide for a trip to this popular seaside resort of Israel washed by the Red Sea.

Where is Eilat

Eilat is a city of Israel located on the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea, between the city of Aqaba in Jordan to the east, and the resort of Taba in Egypt, to the west. Seaside resort founded in 1950, Eilat is formed from a city center, by a lagoon, where there are luxury hotels, beaches and five kilometers of coastline that reaches from the city center to the Egyptian border, where there are the beautiful backdrops of Red Sea Sinai in Egypt. Inland stretches the desert, guardian of biblical stories, the mountains and the beautiful nature reserves.

What to see in Eilat

– Underwater Observatory, where you can discover the fascinating marine life in the depths of the Red Sea.

– Dolphin Reef Dolphin Reef, where you can admire magnificent specimens of this marine species.

– Kings City is the city of the Kings, a park to find out what life was like in the days of the Bible, which offers the opportunity to live a fun cultural experience.

– Timna National Park is located about 25 km from Eilat, on the edge of the Arava Valley, immersed in the desert landscape and including the ancient remains of a large copper mine dating from the fifth millennium BC, valuable evidence of this ancient mining center.
Taking a journey lasting about an hour, you can visit the ancient tunnels and ancient wells dug into the rock. Very spectacular towering rock formations, Pillars of King Solomon, 50 meters high, produced by the erosion of wind and water ingress. In the park there are several archaeological finds, including a temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Hathor, protectress of the mines.