El Quseir Hotels: what to see, to do excursions, diving

l-quseir beach egypt red sea
l-quseir beach egypt red sea

Guide to holiday in El Quseir, where it is, what to do and see in the seaside town situated along the southern coast of the Red Sea.

El Quseir information holidays

Ancient town located halfway between two of the most famous seaside resorts of Egypt, Hurghada and Marsa Alam, El Quseir is a place of sea especially appreciated by divers, diving snorkelling but also for its colorful fish, the sea ​​turtles and the Dugong, an aquatic animal by the large light gray.

In recent times has experienced remarkable development from the point of view of tourism as a new goal to reach for those who wish to visit the southern coasts of the Red Sea.

Throughout history this town has always been an important port also Egyptian, just remember when the time of the Pharaohs became the starting point of the expedition of Queen Hatshepsut to the land of Punt.

A holiday in Quseir is definitely recommended to all those seeking tranquility, nature lovers and local traditions.

Among the inhabitants are mainly fishermen, miners and workers at several hotels arranged especially along the coast.

Things to do in El Quseir

This country is the only one to have kept intact its ancient architectural features typical of this part of the Egyptian Red Sea where it was used the available coral stone.

The buildings were built with good insulation of the walls to fight the heat with the foresight to create the openings with suitable orientation to penetrate inside houses the pleasant sea breeze.

The existing buildings are equipped with all the large carved wooden balconies executed denominated masharabiye, with particular function to allow Arab women to look out to the outside without being noticed by passers-by.

There are various day trips to do including worth remembering that in Luxor and those relating to the main areas of diving to discover the beautiful underwater environments characterized by the presence of some very rare species of mammals.

The Brothers Islands are one of the most exclusive areas for diving enthusiasts who want to see colorful fish, sea turtles and the typical Dugong, aquatic animal dark gray larger than 3 meters long and weighing up to 500 kg.