El Salvador: general information, what to see

Guide El Salvador, useful information to organize a trip or a vacation, what to see in this state of Central America isthmus.

General El Salvador

El Salvador, a state of Central America isthmus, bordered by Guatemala and Honduras to the north, with Honduras to the east, overlooking the Pacific Ocean to the south and west. In Central America is the state with the highest density of inhabitants. In the past this has been experienced periods of bloody wars and even today, among the population, there are two very different, the rich and the poor, those who are fighting against the first, even with violence, driven by their condition of desperate.

The territory is composed of an inner zone consists of a large plateau characterized by several volcanic cones, some of which are still active, and a coastal plain dotted with beautiful lagoons. The volcano Ilamatapec, or Santa Ana, reaches 2,380 meters above sea level, and is the highest volcano in the country, is located about 67 kilometers west of the capital San Salvador, at his side was born in 1770 the Izalco volcano, which until 1966 was erupted almost continuously, earning the nickname Lighthouse Pacific.

What to see in El Salvador

Under the looming peaks of the volcano Santa Ana, Izalco and Cerro Verde, extinct volcano, stands the lake Coatepeque, blue waters and temperate, very popular holiday destination. The cities are few, the most important is the capital San Salvador, located on the slopes of the volcano of the same name at 560 meters above sea level, not far from the coast, to which it is connected through a highway to the port of La Libertad, its maritime outlet .

In the confines of this state with reduced size are hiding many beauties of nature, which include lush forests and mountain landscapes interspersed with beautiful lakes. A visit to the National Park of the Cerro Verde lets you enjoy beautiful views of the volcanoes and the lake. Nearby, inside the archaeological area of ​​Chalchuapa, lie the ruins of Tazumal, a very interesting archaeological site of the Maya civilization.