Etna: hiking, eruptions of the volcano

Excursions to Mount Etna volcano have always been very attractive for both tourists and scholars along the hiking trails.

Etna eruptions

Etna is a volcano located near the Sicilian city of Catania in Italy. Being higher than three thousand meters is the highest volcano in Europe as well as being among the most active in the world.

The activity of Etna, being characterized by frequent eruptions makes this volcano genres continuous mutations of the surrounding landscape with overlays of new lava flows with the former or enlargement of the areas covered by lava.

The Bove valley is a typical example of the destructive force of some eruptions which in this case has created a vacuum of large diameter with the consequent release of other lava flows inside.

The landscape of Etna is very varied, from dark and inhospitable expanses of lava, rivers of lava anthracite crossing green meadows or dense woods.

During the 1900s has been affected by more than one hundred eruptions characterized by incandescent lava flows very fluid that have touched often some towns. Catania, the provincial capital of the region of Sicily and the second largest city by population after Palermo, is situated on the east coast washed by the Ionian Sea, halfway between the cities of Messina and Syracuse.