Excursion Mont Blanc climb on the roof of the Alps

view mont blanc by valmorel
view mont blanc by valmorel

Tourist guide excursions to the Mont Blanc, where it is and the differences between the French and the Italian side.

Ascent of Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is part of the chain of the Alps and is located on the border between the Valle d’Aosta, Italy, and Savoy, France. 4810 meters high is the highest mountain in Europe and is rich in numerous glaciers including those of Freney, Brenva and the mer de Glace.

For lovers of mountain excursions at high altitude Mont Blanc has always been a popular destination, reached along many paths including four ones used by less experienced.

The easiest routes of ascent, said normal routes, are the following: the Italian side refuge Francesco Gonella, the French side Aiguille du Goûter, Grandes Mulets, Col du Midi or Trois Mont Blanc.

The shelters are far less the Refuge des Grands Mulets to 3,051 m, the Vallot hut at 4,362 m, the refuge Francesco Gonella to 3,071 m, the Refuge des Cosmiques to 3,613 me the bivouac of Fourche.

The summit of Mont Blanc, also called by many the roof of the Alps, is perpetually covered with snow and glaciers. The French side descends gently downstream while the Italian is characterized by being formed by a wall of granite very steep with spectacular views from both sides.

Among the most famous peaks you can list the Giant’s Tooth, the Grandes Jorasses, the Aiguille Noire of Peuterey, the Dôme du Goûter, Mont Dolent which marks the meeting point of the borders of Italy, Switzerland and France, the Spires Chamonix representing one of the most impressive landscapes of the French Alps.