Excursion Porticciola Pass from Renaio Barga

Tale excursion abreast of Porticciola departing from Renaio, transit from Rifugio Saints and continue on the path with journey times total.

Trail Renaio Porticciola

Our excursion trekking destination Pass Porticciola starts Renaio, a fraction of the town of Barga in the province of Lucca, located at 1013 meters of altitude above sea level Here We park the car and we walk down the street towards Vetricia, where the Saints refuge at 1300 meters above sea level.

It ‘a beautiful day in early October, on site there are many mushroom hunters that go down Renaio with their car, try to understand the expression of their faces if the collection was satisfactory, but from what we saw later mushrooms there were very few, given the warm and dry weather of the last days of September that it has favored the growth.

At the shelter we do make the sandwiches and begin the climb taking the steep path leading to Cai No. 20 Porticciola Pass (1700 meters) through a beautiful beech forest. Once out of the woods, the landscape opens and continuing on the path to a grassy stretch and then you come with mild stony descent to Step Porticciola, where the wind blows hard and the breathtaking sweep makes our view to the sea with good visibility opaque only a slight haze.

The journey time from Renaio is two hours each way and an hour and a half to return. To continue the tour, from Porticciola you can choose different routes, you can get to the nearby Cima Omo, also known as the Alpe di Barga, reach the top of Mount Giove, or descend to the Holy Lake.