Ferentino: what to see in the city on the hill with the acropolis

What to see in Ferentino, attractions and sights main route to discover important monuments of the Roman era, the Cyclopean walls Acropolis, from the cathedral to the Roman market, visit the thermal baths of Pompey.

Guide Ferentino

Going to the Baths of Ferentino Frosinone, it is very interesting to visit this ancient town of Latium very well preserved in its original layout. Ferentino is a town in the province of Frosinone in Lazio, located on a hill overlooking the valley of the river Sacco, along the Via Casilina.

Source ernica, Roman municipality, and since the high Middle Ages hosted numerous religious buildings such as the Monastery of Saint Anthony founded by Celestine V. In the Middle Ages many religious orders settled there by building churches and monasteries. Popes, kings and warriors bound their name to this beautiful city.

What to visit in Ferentino

Ferentino boasts interesting Roman ruins, has a well-preserved town plan, dating back to antiquity and the Middle Ages, with Romanesque and Gothic monuments. Its historic center is enclosed within polygonal walls built between the V and the second century BC, the top goes back to the Middle Ages, like the remakes of gates and towers.

On top of the hill stands the Acropolis, supported by Roman walls rebuilt in part to the time of Sulla, dominated by the Romanesque Cathedral, transformed in ‘600 and later restored. In the south-eastern side of the Acropolis is the Roman Market, which dates back to the Republican era and perfectly preserved. Not far away are located the palace of the Knights Gaudenti, (XIII century) and the Palace of Innocent III.

Very beautiful Santa Maria Maggiore in gothic Cistercian. Near Ferentino, on via Casilina towards Frosinone, are the Baths of Pompey, known since antiquity for the therapeutic qualities of their waters.