Florida vacation: what to see, traveling between beaches and parks

Driving holiday in Florida, where he is, size of the territory, economy, natural parks and interesting places to visit.

About Florida

Florida is one of the states belonging to the United States located in the south of the nation, with an extensive territory in large part on a wide peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean and close namesake, bordered to the north by Georgia and Alabama.

Is not far from the area of ​​the Caribbean, particularly the Bahamas and Cuba. The counties that make up the Florida 67 are inhabited by different ethnic groups including refugees from Cuba and the Miccosukee tribe that inhabits the marshy area of ​​the Everglades.

Highly developed is agriculture that stands out above all for the great cultivation of citrus. There are also mines phosphate especially in the Bone Valley and a large aerospace industry due to the settlement in 1962 of NASA in Cape Canaveral.

Most of the state has a temperate climate, thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream positive, with strong winds and cold in the winter season only. A level religious faiths are most common Catholicism and Judaism.
Highly developed is the entertainment industry for tourism, which in the city of Orlando attracts a large number of tourists every year. Here is hosted DisneyWorld Resort which includes hotels, shops, amusement parks such as Magic Kingdom and Epcot, Universal Studios and Universal isle of adventure and Sea world.

Very popular are the beaches of Florida, particularly in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Panama City.

Things to do in Florida

Florida is very rich in natural parks and protected areas among which it is worth mentioning the National Forest, National Park, Ocala and the State Park.

Among the cities’ main there are Tallahassee, which is the capital of the state as well as being the capital of the County of Leon, and Miami, which is the county seat of Miami-Dade. Cape Canaveral consists of a strip of land located in the Brevard County and in the area are the NASA KSC and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station of the US Army.

The reason for the choice to host the KSC stems from its favorable position, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and close to the equator, two factors to promote the tests carried out to sea by exploiting the greater push present in the vicinity of the equatorial circle due to the rotation of the earth.