Fontecchio: what to see, St. Pius, traveling in the ancient village

Fontecchio visit, what to see in the ancient medieval village in the province of L’Aquila, located in the Valley dell’Aterno in Abruzzo, and St. Pius.

What to see in Fontecchio

Immersed in the Natural Park Sirente Valley dell’Aterno in Abruzzo, rises Fontecchio, an ancient fortified medieval village characterized by narrow cobbled streets and staircases cobbled betray the origin. In parts of the walls open the door of the Saints, topped by the Clock Tower, the Gate Square or the Castle and the Gate Bear.

Of particular interest is the Clock Tower, which beats every night fifty chimes to remind the fifty-day siege that ended the Marchioness Corvi, with a stroke of spingarda against the heads of the assailants army of Braccio da Montone.

The clock is one of the oldest in Italy, as is clear from the Italian quadrant divided in 6 hours. Outside the village, in the central position currently, there is Piazza del Popolo, which is overlooked by the typical houses-shop, the old communal oven of the fifteenth century, the Parish Church of Santa Maria della Pace, and mail to a lower level than the square, the beautiful Fontana fourteenth century, a symbol of Fontecchio.

Significant, in terms of architecture and art, Palazzo Muzi and Palazzo Corvi, who along with other Palaces meet proceeding from the tower of the Saints towards the town.

In the adjacent village of San Pio, is the former convent of St. Francis of the twelfth century., Currently used as a guest, which boasts an elegant Romanesque-Gothic portal and a characteristic cloister arches of stone with capitals of various shapes.