Forato: hiking trail hiking in the Apuan

Tale excursion to Mount Drilled along the path that starts from Fornovolasco, travel times and what you see.

Trail Fornovolasco Forato

On a beautiful September day we decide to make the trip to Monte Drilled, making always part of the Apuan Alps. Aware of the strong difference in level that awaits us, we take our backpacks and set off by car to Fornovolasco, pretty village located between the rocks near the famous Cave of the Winds.

We walk about 45 km from Lucca towards Gallicano where we continue a few more kilometers to a very narrow street, in places carved into the rock, before reaching the destination. We park our car in the main square of the village that also serves as a parking lot and, shod boots, we take our backpacks and we marched, starting from an altitude of 480 m.

The signs of the paths places at the beginning, give two hours as travel time, but driven by our passion for walkers, we hope to put even less. We choose the path steeper but direct, the No. 12 that, very well maintained, there is rising rapidly, first through forests of beech and then coming to a metato am 933. From there we continue and the landscape becomes more and more beautiful.

We reach the top of Drilled (1223 m) after 1 hour and 45 minutes we walk. We admire the characteristic natural arch formed by natural erosion of the rock due to the wind and rain. On the other side we see clearly the side Versilia, with foreground the villages of Cardoso, Plum and Volegno.

We climb a few more feet higher up on our right to a cross, from where you can admire the surrounding peaks including the Pania della Croce, m 1859, Dead Man, Pania dry Procinto, Matanna, Nona, SWT and other minor, with a beautiful view to the sea.

Truly a nice top that of Mount Drilled (m. 1223), which, despite being among the lowest compared to those who are around, offers a truly unique view. In an hour and a quarter back to Fornovolasco and from there, put back in the car, we go down to the valley, but before returning we decide to make a quick stop to the characteristic Calomini Hermitage, an ancient monastery carved into the rock.