Frankfurt: what to see, attractions, places to visit

Travel Guide Frankfurt, what to see and places to visit in the major financial center of Germany, the birthplace of Goethe.

Attractions Frankfurt

At the international level is also well known for the exhibitions covering many sectors that are held throughout the year, particularly the book fair and the biennial car show. Geographically located in the region of Hesse, lapped by the river Main, Frankfurt is the largest financial center in the nation, home to the Exchange and the European Central Bank. Frankfurt, the fort of the Franks, was the site of the coronation of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and is also the birthplace of Goethe.

Places to visit in Frankfurt

During World War II, its old town was almost completely destroyed and later were rebuilt only the most important buildings including the Romer, who is the town hall, located on the central square Romerberg, the Paulskirche that in 1848 was home to the first democratic parliament German, and the Goethe House.

The Kaiserdom is the Church where were crowned the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. The so-called Königsweg, that the way of the kings, was the path reserved for the new emperor who went about to move from the cathedral to the town hall on the Römerberg, followed by a procession to the banquet of the celebrations for the appointment.

In front of the cathedral is a garden with archaeological remains of a Roman bath along with other remains of buildings dating from the Carolingian period. The Paulskirche is another building of historical significance because it was the seat, from 1846 to 1849, the Nationalversammlung first democratic parliament of Germany. Frankfurt is also the city where historic buildings coexist with towering skyscrapers, including the Messeturm, the tower of the Commerzbank and Dresdnerbank, which are the highest skyscrapers in Europe.