Funen: what to see, visit the hometown of Odense Andersen

egeskov castle odense fionia
egeskov castle odense fionia

Second largest island of Denmark, Funen is located between the Jutland peninsula in the west and the island of Sealand east.

Guide Funen

Two bridges crossing the Strait of Little Belt connect Funen to the mainland, Jutland Peninsula, while the railway bridge and road Strait Great Belt, which exceeds a sea 18 km long, connecting the island of Sealand, after reaching , about halfway through, the islet Sprogo.

Funen landscape has a very sweet, with vast green spaces, forests, lakes and romantic castles, its main center is Odense, one of the oldest towns in Denmark, which takes its name from Odin, a major god of Germanic mythology.

What to see in Odense

The writer, author of famous fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense, in the old quarter of the city, where his birthplace, which houses the Museum dedicated to him, with an interesting museum about his life and his works. Among the most important monuments of the city stands the Gothic Cathedral of St. Canute, built in the fourteenth century, dedicated to King Canute who was murdered here in 1086, so during the Middle Ages, the place was a pilgrimage site.

Immersed in nature arise scattered numerous castles, including the Renaissance Egeskov Castle, which stands at the center of a pond surrounded by a beautiful garden. Along the coast, overlooking the fjord, are the characteristic villages and colorful houses with sloping roofs.