Gallinara: visit the island of the gulls in the nature reserve

Guide to discover the island of Gallinara island that hosts a colony of herring gulls, with rugged coastline and a marina, part of the natural reserve of Liguria.

Gallinara Island in brief

Visit Gallinara Island, an islet of Liguria which hosts one of the largest colonies of herring gulls in the area, characterized by rugged coast and an attractive marina. The island Gallinara, a small island with an altitude of 87 meters above sea level massina, is located near the coast of Liguria, between Albenga and Alassio.

The island is separated from the coast by a deep channel on average 12 m for a length of 1.5 km and it is the Regional Natural Reserve Gallinara holiday park. Islet, proclaimed Regional Nature Reserve, are the remains of a monastery, an ancient sixteenth century, a part of the defense system and sighting, and a neo-Gothic church.

The monastery was founded by the monks of St. Columbanus, in the period Longobardo, later settled there the Benedictine monks, and in 1842 it was sold to private individuals.

A cave on the island, with the opening facing the sea, is referred to as the refuge of St. Martin of Tours, who took refuge ‘in the late fourth century.

The natural heritage of Gallinara is remarkable, so ‘as the archaeological. The sea bed near were found various artifacts, currently stored in the Naval Museum of Albenga.