Gardaland tourism vacation playground, families offers

Travel Gardaland, subject areas, visit the playground largest and most famous of Italy, offers family holidays in the surroundings of Garda lake.

Holidays at Gardaland

For those who still have never visited visit the playground largest and most famous of Italy may be a good idea to spend a weekend with Gardaland offers of fun. It is located near Lake Garda in the province of Verona and the friendly dragon Parsley is its main mascot.

The territory, which extends in the area of ​​Lake Garda, certainly one of the most beautiful in Italy, is considered by many an earthly paradise that boasts a remarkable natural heritage as well as also historical and artistic.

A feature of the park is the presence of large themed areas concerning, Egypt, Europe of the last century, Africa, East, Far West, Hawaii, Atlantis, Burma.

These areas offer wonderful attractions, of which most of the recent ones have been realized with the use of water. Inside are inserted themed restaurants, shops, bars, areas dedicated to the show, and the Gardaland Hotel Resort, located on the banks of the lake to 800 meters from the park entrance.

Offers families Gardaland

In some periods of the year, those included in the off-season, many hotels practicing bargain prices for families so it becomes difficult not to jump at some promotion hotel to spend a nice holiday.

This wonderful park offers many opportunities for outdoor activities that consist of excursions in the green with variable duration and in sports such as wind surfing, sailing, mountain biking and much more with a vast assortment of games for children.