Gargano: national park and protected area of Puglia

Where is the National Park of Gargano, the history of the protected area and what to include, list present location, characteristics of the territory, flora and fauna.

Park of Gargano

The Gargano National Park is located in the province of Foggia, in that part of the Puglia region in the north-east and also classified as the spur of Italy. The Gargano National Park was officially established in 1991, is one of the largest protected areas in Italy, with a territorial extension of 118,000 hectares well.

They are part of it also Tremiti islands, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea in about twenty kilometers from the coast, which constitute the marine reserve. Wanting to make a list of all the main locations that are part of it can be said that they are, in addition to the Tremiti islands, also Apricena, Monte Sant’Angelo, Peschici, Rignano Garganico, Cagnano Varano, Carpino, Ischitella, Hvar, Mattinata, Manfredonia , San Nicandro Garganico, Serracapriola, Vico del Gargano, Vieste, Rhodes Town, San Giovanni Rotondo, San Marco in Lamis.

As for the flora we can say that within the park meet varied landscapes that include more than two thousand plant species, extensive forests especially beech, karst plateaus, large coastal lakes. The fauna is diverse with nearly two hundred species of birds including the common buzzard, kestrel, sparrow hawk, peregrine falcon, the eagle owl, the owl, the barn owl, the tawny owl and the horned owl.