Golfo Aranci: tour guide, history, festivals and fairs, patron

Position of Golfo Aranci, unpredictable source of the name, the history of the island of Sardinia with the ancient fishing village, where there is the feast of the patron.

Guide Golfo Aranci

Small town in the province of Olbia-Tempio, Golfo Aranci is located in Gallura, one of the oldest regions of Sardinia.

The population of this town is just over two thousand two hundred inhabitants. Contrary to what you might think, the name has nothing to do with the fruits but comes from the dialect of Gallura Golfu them Granci or in Italian Gulf of crabs.

Slightly north of Olbia, lies the port of Golfo Aranci in great location, suitable berth even large ships due to the depth of the sea at that point.

This seaport is also used by the State Railways, by fishing vessels and pleasure craft.

The first inhabitants were shepherds and farmers but with the passage of time, the sea of ​​Golfo Aranci very rich in fish, attracted to himself for fishermen from several locations, including in particular the island of Ponza.

This is why every year, on the feast of the patron San Silverio, held June 20, residents remember the arrival of fishermen from Ponza with Mass and a procession in the Gulf on board vessels.

Thanks to the construction of a cargo port and the railway station, Golfo Aranci soon welcomed new families from all parts of Italy, who found work in Sardinia and new development opportunities.