Gondar: what to see, traveling between castles in Ethiopia

fasiladas castle gondar
fasiladas castle gondar

What to visit in Gondar, brief history, monuments and itinerary of the main attractions not to be missed in the ancient city lies on the plateau in Ethiopia.

Guide Gondar

Gondar is the capital of the region of the same name, located about 2,100 meters above sea level, in the highlands north of Lake Tana. In the seventeenth century the emperor Fasiladas chose this simple village as the new capital of the empire, transforming it in an important center located between the caravan routes of the northern and southern Ethiopia.

For over a century the city was a place where the arts flourished, crafts and literature, were built majestic palaces, built magnificent churches, beautiful gardens and grew, although occurred conspiracies and intigri of power, the city experienced a very prosperous period. The architectural heritage that largely has been preserved intact until today, dates back to this era.

What to see in Gondar

The Imperial Citadel, with Fasiladas Castle, the Palace of Iyasu, the Hall of Dawit, Castle Mentewab and three churches are very interesting.

At about 2 kilometers north-west of the city center are the Baths of Fasiladas, a very beautiful place where there is a large sunken tub that is filled with water once a year on the Feast of Timkat, the celebration Orthodox Epiphany.

The complex of Kuskuam, built by Empress Mentewab, is located on a hill about 3 km north-west of the center and consists of several buildings, including a building used for official receptions, whose exterior is decorated with volcanic tuff red.

The Palace of Ras Mikael Sehulm and the Church of Debre Berhan Selassie, beautiful expression of Ethiopian, characterized by a spectacular ceiling full of angels.

The colonial buildings, including the Post Office building, other buildings and residential buildings are for the period of Italian occupation (1936-41).