Guadeloupe Holidays: what to see, and the islands most beautiful beaches

What to see in Guadeloupe, information on the islands, which are the most beautiful beaches in the islands of great lands and low lands.

Guide Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, and it is the largest island formed by two islands separated by a narrow channel. Along with other small islands is Overseas Department of France. The Passage of Guadeloupe to the north marks the border with Montserrat, territory belonging to the United Kingdom, the Caribbean Sea washes the western coast of the island.

To the south lies the island of Dominica while to the east is the Atlantic Ocean. The department includes the territories of the islands Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante, Des Saintes and Désirade. The island western Basse-Terre is the most mountainous and wild with the shape of an elongated oval, dominated the tropical forest and banana plantations.

The eastern island Grande Terre is rather flat with extensive cultivation of sugar cane that are replaced in the savannah. Along its southern coast is a succession of sandy beaches to Pont des Châteaux, a rocky promontory.

The climate of Guadeloupe is tropical with average annual temperatures around 25 degrees thanks to the constant winds that cool the air in a consistent manner. The vegetation and fauna are very varied with different species.

Tourism is the main source of wealth of the island, visitors come mostly from the United States, Canada and France to a lesser extent from Western Europe.

Most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe

Raisins Clairs Beach is a beach located on the southeastern coast of Grande Terre, reached along the national road in the direction of the town of Sainte François. It looks like a wide curve very clear sand, surrounded by palm trees and other species of tropical trees, the color of the sea is turquoise, with an optimal water clarity, perfect for getting some good swims.

Plage de Bois Jolan is located on the southern side of Grande Terre, including Anse du Belley in the town of Sainte Anne. With clear sand hotel, the beach includes the sides a large number of coconut trees and tropical plants of various types, the depths of the sea are low, the water crystal clear turquoise colored sea.

Beach Gosier, on the southern side of Grande Terre near Point-à-Pitre, is a beach of white sand, with palm trees on the sides and numerous waterfront hotel. Equipped with excellent facilities and equipment is well protected from the wind, the sea lends itself to practice swimming thanks to the remarkable clarity of the water that make this experience even more enjoyable.

Petit Havre is located on the south side of Grande Terre, between Gosier and Sainte Anne. It looks like a set of romantic coves put in an impressive landscape, small and covered with white sand, where use of the shadow of lush trees and the great quality of the water of the sea, particularly crystalline.

Caravelle Beach is located on the southern side of Grande Terre, near the town of Sainte Anne. Beach very busy, especially on weekends, shows a very long coastline, covered with soft sand very clear, and surrounded by giant palm trees in the paradisiacal setting of a beautiful sea shimmering shades.

The Grande Anse is located in the north west of Basse Terre, just two kilometers from the village of Deshaies. Including in a large bay is distinguished by the golden color of the sand, the thick vegetation that is the boundary and the crystal clear sea.

Malendure is located along the west coast of Basse Terre, which is 3 kilometers from Les Mamelles. With sand is dark, the beach includes palm trees on the sides and a green hill in the background, is located in front of the small island of Pigeon. From here are organized excursions by boat, you can also enjoy water sports in the clear sea by the color blue.

Anse Plage in La Barque is located on the coast located west of Basse Terre, in the stretch between the towns of Vieux-Habitants and Bouillante. To appreciate the beautiful cove sheltered from the wind, useful for craft surprises at sea by bad weather as a safe haven. In this bay is perfectly inserted a sandy coastline along 90 meters, of course adorned with palm trees and green hills, gently lapped by a sea contradistinto always calm, clear waters.