Guarda: what to see, driving to visit the city of Portugal

Travel guide Look, what to see in this town rich in history, monuments of great artistic value, from the Cathedral.

Visit Guarda

Placed on top of a hill, a thousand meters above sea level, Guarda had a significant role in the Middle Ages, in ensuring, thanks to its strategic location, the territorial integrity of Portugal against the expansion of the Crown of Castile. It is part of the Beira Alta region, which is the main center and a bishopric.

What to see in Guarda

The Churches of Mercy and St. Vincent are themselves part of Baroque architecture in this town. Very interesting are the Palace of the Council of the sixteenth century, the castle of the twelfth century, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and what remains of a Roman fit. The Torre dos Ferreiros is part of an ancient gate of the medieval walls.

Sé, the cathedral

In the plaza de Luis de Camoes is the Cathedral in the Gothic style divas of blend nicely Manueline and Renaissance elements. In Inside are excellent representations of the life of Jesus relizzate stone. Look behind the cathedral is the old Torre de Menagem.
Archaeological Museum
Includes archaeological Romans and Visigoths, ancient and modern paintings, religious paintings. One wing of the museum is dedicated to weapons and armor.