Gulf of Marinella holidays sport and nature in Sardinia

Holidays in Sardinia at the Gulf of Marinella, an ideal place for those who love sports and nature, there are coves and beaches including La Marinella.

Holidays Gulf of Marinella

The Gulf of Marinella is located in Gallura not far from Porto Rotondo near Olbia, in the North-East of Sardinia. It is a bay in Sardinia very suitable for recreational craft with the Ports of Marana and Palumbalza.

The bay is sheltered from the mistral wind, which predominates in other areas of Sardinia, and the winds of the third and fourth areas classified according to the conventions of the compass. Marinella, the main village of the bay, is surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape and includes tourist facilities among the best in the area.

The Church of Punta Marana and the smaller church of the Madonna del Monte are the two churches including the Gulf of Marinella. The first, located in the resort of the same name and dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Peace, is furnished with sobriety and used to tell the masses only in the summer, the second, on a hill, has ancient origins, a legend has it that it was cosacrata the Madonna by a sailor in recognition for having escaped a shipwreck.

The main beach is La Marinella from which the gulf is named. La Marinella Beach, over 1 km long, is characterized by fine sand and white color to be a quiet yet very equipped for many water sports.

The view from here is enjoyable watching the beautiful islands of Puffs and Mortorio. The Gulf of Marinella there are also many coves of different sizes that extend the offer for those who love the sea and want to immerse themselves in nature almost untouched.