Gulf Orosei: excursions to the natural park of Gennargentu

cala gonone orosei gulf
cala gonone orosei gulf

Journey to discover the Orosei Gulf, an inlet located along the east coast of Sardinia, which takes its name from the town.

Guide Orosei Gulf

The Gulf of Orosei, located along the eastern coast of Sardinia, takes its name from Orosei, a small town in the province of Nuoro not far from the coast and falls in the valley of the river Cedrino. The Gulf is divided into two distinct parts with each other by a different morphology.

The northern part, almost at sea level, consists of pine forests and long sandy beaches with dunes up to Punta Nera, while the southern part is made ​​up of the final part of the ‘plateau of Supramonte that extends to the Capo di Monte Santu .

Over 40km this stretch of coast of Sardinia is characterized by majestic escarpments very high and covered by woods marked by lush plants that characterize the Mediterranean. There are also features sandy beaches surrounded by walls of limestone cliffs overlooking the sea, including deep caves carved by rivers once present but now extinct.

National Park Orosei Gulf and Gennargentu

With the aim to preserve the pristine nature of this area is characterized by the presence of numerous plant and animal species, from the late nineties was established Gennargentu National Park.

The Gulf of Orosei is also overlooking the village of Cala Gonone where service is available boats for exploring the sparse set among the limestone ramparts, beaches and caves of Bue Marino.