Hamburg: what to visit, attractions and places to see

What to visit in Hamburg, attractions and places to see in this city, the main port of Germany, located on the Alster lake and waterways.

Attractions Hamburg

Hamburg is located in North West Germany at the point where the rivers Alster and Bille flow into the River Elbe continue another 110 km to the north west to result in turn in the North Sea. Various points linking the river and two tunnels.

This city is also the main port of Germany and is for historical reasons a city was self-governing, as well as being very important in the commercial sector and journalism. In addition to the port, have considerable importance aerospace industry and the media.

In the heart of the city is the beautiful Alster lake, around which develops the elegant area of ​​Jugfernstieg, with very nice shops, cafes and restaurants.

Places to see in Hamburg

There are numerous waterways, said Fleete, crossing the center, with bridges and many green areas. In the old town we find Rathausmarkt, with the majestic Town Hall and the Stock Exchange Palace, is also near the Cathedral of St. Peter.

The Baroque church of San Michele is in the new part where there is also the Planten und Blomen (plants and flowers). Interesting are the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Art Gallery Kunsthalle, do not miss a visit to the port (free port formed in 1888) with the buildings constructed at the edges of the channels.