Hawaii holiday trip to the tropical islands in the Pacific

Tour guide to visit the islands of the Pacific, with the beaches and places to see during a holiday.

Holidays to Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are tropical islands of volcanic origin located in the Pacific Ocean and represent a state belonging to the United States of America with capital Honolulu, which means a protected area and is derived from the name of a village on the island of Oahu. Other islands are to remember the island of Hawaii, the island of Maui and the island of Kauai that possess all airports.

The Hawaiian Islands are very distant from the coast of the United States whose closest point is the California coast to 4,000 kilometers. The Hawaiian Islands are among the most isolated land mass in the world, being located almost 4,000 km from both the American coast (the closest point is California) is from Tahiti, and more than 1,000 miles of some of the islands of Kiribati group.

The archipelago belongs geographically to the continent of Oceania. Were occupied by the United States in 1898 and in 1959 became part of the Union as cinquanesimo state. During the Second World War was at Pearl Harbor, one of the most important ports of the Hawaiian Islands, which occurred the attack of the troops aereonavali Japan and this sad event which caused many victims marked the entry into the war of the United States.

The population of Hawaii is a native of French Polynesia. Are of great importance from the point of view for the US military as the headquarters of the armed forces in the Pacific Ocean. In the period after the entry into federeazione of the United States of America, the Hawaiian Islands have experienced a constant economic development moving from traditional fisheries and agriculture to a thriving industry specializing in travel and tourism with the opening of new hotels, restaurants and local tourists.

These beautiful tropical islands have as capital Honolulu, which is also the largest city in the largest of the archipelago, located on the Island of Oahu. Honolulu extends around the main port of the state, the major attractions to see are the waterfront skyscrapers in Waikiki , museums and the aquarium where to look Waikiki Hawaiian monk seals.

Among the most beautiful beaches of the Hawaiian Islands deserves to be remembered Punalu’u, originated by the accumulation of lava escaping from volcanoes Mauna Loa and Kilauea, nicknamed Black Sand Beach for the particular sand colored black.

For those who prefer a white sand beach is recommended Hapuna Beach, one of the largest. The bay of Pearl Harbor is notorious for being the scene of the attacks the Japanese during World War II. For those who prefer to immerse yourself in unspoilt recommended a walk in the rain forest, an excellent example of a tropical jungle.

On Kauai, the lesser largest island but very beautiful, is the Na Pali Coast, which is a coastal strip about 35 km long with steep cliffs and with beautiful beaches with golden sands and exceptional reef.