Hike Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s monastery

catherine monastery mount sinai
catherine monastery mount sinai

General information on Mount Sinai, where it is, characteristics of the territory, the main population centers, Saint Catherine’s Monastery and Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Rise Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai in Egypt is located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula, a peninsula with a triangular shape in the eastern part of the state junction of Africa and Asia.

The territory of this area is largely Egyptian desert, inhabited the coast of Sabah and Taba, places near the Israeli city of Eilat.

Proceeding south along the coast are Nuweiba, Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh. A settlement of the population is also located on the north coast near the Gaza Strip in Al Arish.

In the southern part of the Sinai are Mount Catherine, the highest of Egypt, and Mount Sinai, where, according to the narrative of the Old Testament of the Bible, Moses received the Ten Commandments from God, the pillar of the Christian religion.

At the base of Mount Sinai is the Monastery of St. Catherine, built in the year 527 by the Roman Emperor Justinian the point where it is believed to have occurred the appearance of God to Moses.

This place of worship is a pilgrimage destination and from here the quickest route to climb the summit of Mount Sinai said “the path of penance.”

The Monastery, dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria and the oldest still visible, is an example of Byzantine architecture and its interior contains numerous texts and icons very ancient.

The summit of Mount Sinai is a chapel in which, according to widespread opinion, is kept the rock in which God he carved the Tables of the Law to Moses with the Ten Commandments, the text is in two books of the Bible, Exodus and Deuteronomy.

In addition, a short distance, you can see the cave where Moses found shelter.