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netherlands map
netherlands map

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Netherlands in brief

  • Capital: Amsterdam
  • Surface area in square kilometers: 41,864
  • Population: 16,387,773
  • Religion: Catholic, Protestant, Islamic.

Where is Netherlands

Netherlands is bordered to the east by Germany, in the south of Belgium, they are wet to the north and northwest by the North Sea. They are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, usually called the Netherlands, also the Caribbean islands of the Netherlands Antilles and the island of Aruba. The name Holland would indicate only the two provinces of North Holland (Noord-Holland) and of South Holland (Zuid-Holland). Dutch territory is flat, the highest point is Vaalserberg (321 m) at the south east of the country. Most of the lands are at a level close to that of the sea and must be defended by barricades, in fact vast expanses of land were seized from the sea by a system of dikes, dams and canals (polders) and were devoted to the cultivation .

Hydrography Netherlands

The main rivers that flow through the Netherlands: Scheldt, Meuse and Rhine form a branched delta, whose main branches are: Waal, IJssel, Lek, Amstel. These courses of water through the center of the country from east to west and along with numerous waterways divide the country into two parts, influencing the cultural aspect, in fact in the population there are differences in dialect and religion between those who live in the northern and the south of the country. In areas north and west of the country there are numerous lakes modest scope.

Climate Netherlands

Netherlands’ climate is oceanic temperate. The average temperature in winter is a few degrees above 0; frosts and fogs are frequent. Summer is cool and rainy; the average summer temperature fluctuates about 18 ° / 20 ° C.


Most of the population is Dutch, whose core consists of Flemish (derived from a Celtic group arrived in the territory in the fourth century.) and Frisian (are the descendants of the first inhabitants of the country) living in Friesland. Ethnic minorities living in the Netherlands come from Turkey, Morocco, Surinam, the Netherlands Antilles, Italy and Germany.

Time zone

UTC/GMT +1 hour


Official language is Dutch. Frisian is also spoken in addition to Dutch Frisian (a language officially recognized in the Netherlands). Also there are numerous dialects Saxon and French as the nedersaksisch and Limburgs. The majority of the population speaks English and has knowledge of French and German.

Economics Netherlands

The Netherlands has a very advanced economy. Most of the national income comes from the services sector (transport companies, distribution, banking, insurance), followed by industry and agriculture. The most developed industries are the chemical industry, oil refineries, electrical and electronic industry, food industry. The mechanized agriculture while using a fraction of the workforce provides large quantities of products and allows the country to be the first places in the world rankings of agricultural exports.

When you go Netherlands

The best time to visit the Netherlands is the summer. It’s also very beautiful spring with fields of tulips bloom.


If you’re EU citizen: Passport or National ID Card.
The country is part of the European Union and adheres to the Schengen Agreement.


Calling code is: 0031


The electric current is 220 V 50 Hz.


Euro is Netherlands’s official currency.