Hurghada holidays: what to see, coral reefs, excursion

albatros-beach hurghada red sea
albatros-beach hurghada red sea

Tourist Guide Hurghada, what to do and visit in the town of the Red Sea, much appreciated by
sea lovers, water sports and scuba diving.

Holidays in Hurghada Red Sea

Hurghada is a popular tourist resort in Egypt overlooking the Red Sea for a length of ca. 40 km of coastline, beautiful and warm seaside town with an underwater environment which, with its fantastic coral reefs and fish of various species, lends itself to meet the needs of the most demanding diving enthusiasts.

Hurghada is renowned for its beautiful seabed and mild temperature of the water clear sea, is ideal for water sports. Founded in the early twentieth century, Hurghada has experienced in recent decades a remarkable expansion of tourism, with the construction of several villages by foreign investors.

The local economy is due in large part to the considerable flow of tourists who converge every year, helped by the existence of the International airport of Hurghada and, to a lesser extent, fishing.

Very practiced are water sports as windsurf, sailing, fishing, swimming and snorkeling.

What to see in Hurghada

This town until a few years ago was a small fishing village, today is a city served by an international airport that receives a significant flow of tourists.

Hurghada is divided into three principal places, El Dahar, the oldest part, where there are the bazaar, the bus station, the post office and the newer parts of Sekalla and El Korra Road. In front of Hurghada there are different islands, Giftun, small Giftun and extraordinary sea bed of National park with the same name.

Nearby Hurghada are other tourist resorts of Egypt very famous and equipped including Al Mahmya, a beach located within the protected area of Giftun island, Sahl Hasheesh, a downtown luxury hotel place a few miles to the south , El Gouna, located about 25 km to the north with its 14 luxury hotels and many villas and apartments built on islands separated by canals and put in communication from functional bridges, Makadi Bay, over 35 km south of Hurghada and famous for having a long beach and a privileged access to the reef, Sharm El Naga, distant forty kilometers from Hurghada to the south and known for its red cliffs, Soma Bay, 45 km away from Hurghada south and located on eastern shore of the Red Sea in Egypt.

North of Hurghada in the El Gouna is another very beautiful archipelago and heading south are beautiful bays and beautiful dive sites. For another type of excursion are interesting visits to Luxor (ancient Thebes), the Monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul and the archaeological sites of Bishop and Archbishop Claudianus Porphyrites.

Hurghada has international airport with flights from all over Europe and from Cairo, mainly handled by the Egyptian airline EgyptAir.