Idaho, travel and what to visit in the state of Sun Valley

Driving trip in Idaho, where this state of the US, the characteristics of the territory, economy and interesting places to see.

Travel guide Idaho

Idaho is located in the north-west of the United States and is one of the fifty states with capital Boise, particularly known for the ski area of ​​Sun Valley, extended between the mountains Bald and Dollar, home to major alpine skiing events.

To the north it borders the Canadian province of British Columbia, on the west by the states of Washington and Oregon, south-west by Nevada, southeast Utah and east with Montana and Wyoming to the north to the south. Inside includes a part of the Rocky Mountains, which occupies the territory almost completely, thus characterizing the landscape.

The highest peak is formed from Borah Peak in the Lost River Mountains north of Mackay. The climate is continental with cold winters and summers are not too hot. As for the economy is highly developed agriculture that produces much of the native potatoes Use.
And ‘developed in the food industry, mechanical, chemical, paper, electronic. Also there are mineral resources of silver and timber production, is also highly developed tourist industry. They are famous also the three production plants belonging to the Anheuser-Busch malt supplying breweries across the nation. Boise is a center for the production of semiconductors and home of Micron Technology Inc manufacturer of DRAM chips, a manufacturing facility in Hewlett Packard for the manufacture of laser printers.

A Sandpoint is the fashion house Coldwater Creek specializes in women’s clothing.

What to visit in Idaho

The capital Boise, seat of government, is the largest cultural and commercial center of this state. To visit several museums including the Boise Art Museum, the ‘Idaho Historical Museum, the Cultural Center, the Basque Museum and Discovery Center of Idaho.

Other interesting tourist destinations are the many national parks including the Julia Davis Park which includes a zoo.