Illinois: traveling in the state of the Corn Belt, what to see

What to see in Illinois, traveling through the state of the crops of corn, itinerary to visit the cities that are part of it.

Illinois Travel Guide

Illinois is part of the US borders in the north with the Wisconsin, in the southern part with Kentucky in the west with the Iowa and Missouri and in the east with the Indiana, north-east by Lake Michigan.

The territory of the state can be divided into 3 parts of which the one to the north includes the entire metropolitan area of ​​Chicago. The central part is considered the heart of Illinois and includes the cities of Springfield and Peoria.

The Southern Illinois is the area with the warmer weather that allows prosperous crops scattered among verdant hills and also there are some coal deposits and pretrolio of small size. The Illinois Corn Belt belongs to, along with Indiana and Iowa, for the cultivation of maize practiced on a large scale.

Besides the corn is grown soybeans and there are herds of cattle, pigs and poultry in large size.

What to see in Illinois

The majority of the population, estimated to be more than half, lives in the city of Chicago with over nine million inhabitants. In Chicago there are many tall skyscrapers and bridges, the city is also an international reference for jazz music.

County seat of Winnebago, Rockford is located north-west of Chicago in the River Rock River tributary of the Mississippi and is a bishop’s seat of Catholicism as well as being important agricultural, industrial and commercial.
Capital of the State of Illinois, Springfield was founded in 1819 and is the county seat of Sangamon.

Smaller cities
The other cities have a significantly lower number of inhabitants, slightly above the one hundred thousand units. Among them we can mention Aurora, Naperville, Joliet, Springfield, Peoria and Elgin. Chicago is the largest city located in the hinterland of the United States of America, on the shores of Lake Michigan, and is a multiethnic city that is a financial center, as well as industrial, world famous.