Imera: visit the Temple of Victory in the archaeological

temple of victory sicily imera
temple of victory sicily imera

Imera, the westernmost of the Greek cities located along the northern coast of Sicily, is located in the province of Palermo near Termini Imerese.

Temple of Imera

The ancient city of Himera, was founded in the seventh century BC by the inhabitants of Zancle, today Messina, and was destroyed in 409 BC by the Carthaginians.

Archaeological excavations carried out in recent times, made it possible to bring to light two sanctuaries archaic small size and a large Doric temple of which have survived the extensive steps and column bases.

The Temple of Himera was built most probably to commemorate the victory achieved in 480 BC by Gelon of Syracuse and Theron of Agrigento, on the banks of the river Himera, against the army of the Carthaginians, for this reason it is also called the Temple of Victory.

The measures of the Temple are 55.91 meters long and 22.45 meters wide, the architecture and shapes reminiscent of the Athenaion of Syracuse, from the same period.