India holiday tale of a trip with itinerary 7 days

jahangir mahal orchha india
jahangir mahal orchha india

Holiday in India

Itinerary india 7 days

New Delhi
Capital of India, New Delhi is a metropolitan city with a messy traffic, which produces high levels of pollution from cars, buses and motorcycles. Among the many motor vehicles, we also saw the motorisciò that are characteristic of the taxi that can travel up to 10 people.

Very beautiful Sikh temple Bangla Saheb, made ​​of white marble and golden domes, which incorporates a tank where water flows to which are attributed miraculous powers can cure many diseases of the skin and where we understand the characteristics of the deeply spiritual people Indian.

The same evening we return in the very chic hotel booked, The Metropolitan Hotel New Delhi where, after we had eaten in the rooms, being tired of the trip, we decided to have dinner at the excellent restaurant.

The next day we visit the government buildings, Humayun’s Tomb and head towards Jaipur, a city of palaces rose that revive the ancient splendor. Then go up to the Amber Fort, made ​​in the shape of elephant, from where you can admire a beautiful view of the city that offers us an opportunity to take some great photos.

Rajasthan, in center of Jaipur, is full of palaces built around 1600, in perfect condition, witnessing the splendor of the period related to Mughal dynasty. We admire the splendid facade of the Palace of Winds, where lived the women of Maharajah, the City Palace with its museum, which was the residence of the royal dynasty of Jaipur as well as an astronomical observatory.

We continue our journey to Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, where we are aware of widespread poverty in the population, including hungry children who ask for alms and roads with mountains of garbage. The Taj Mahal is a place built in white marble by King Akbar to commemorate the death of his wife and is considered the symbol of love without time limits, remembering Princess Mumtaz, who died in giving birth to her fourteenth child.

Continuing our tourist route we arrive in Orcha, very charming rich Hindu temples dating back to 1000 AD and not yet invaded by mass tourism. The population of Orcha is generally well-off, thanks to water resources due to the river Yamuna which allows the maintenance of a thriving farming that allows farmers and ranchers to live in decent homes masonry.

Temples dedicated to Vishnu are in Kajuraho, containing many erotic depictions, with beautiful statues that give off the ancient culture of this people.

With a short domestic flight of about half an hour we arrive in Varanasi which is the sacred city of Hinduism situated on the river Ganges where a mystic silence reigns. Here we witness the puja Aarti, a prayer composed by the Brahmins for the purification of the river from all sins absorbed during the day for washing of pilgrims in its waters.