Iseo lake, walks and what to visit in the pre-Alpine lake

Information for visiting Lake Iseo, where it is, what to do and places to see, with the main attractions of the area.

Travel Guide Lake Iseo

Iseo Lake is a pre-Alpine lake located in Lombardy, in the lower Val Camonica, between the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo. Oglio river enters the lake to the north, between Lovere and Pisogne, and exits to the south, near Sarnico, and constitutes its main river tributary and emissary. In the part where the lake is wider, rises Mount Island (600 m), the largest island among those of the Italian lakes, its perimeter is about nine kilometers, on its top stands the Shrine of Our Lady of Ceriola magnificent vantage point.

Loreto and San Paolo islets are located respectively north and south of Monte Isola. The links between the island and the mainland are frequent, and combine the town of Peschiera and Sulzano, Sale Marasino and Carzano. The island is ideal for walking or cycling, there are no cars, except for the means of public utility and motorbikes.

Through an easy path you can do all around the island surrounded by nature and silence, while a wonderful panoramic view of Iseo Lake and its banks, you must make a journey more challenging and reach the summit of Monte Isola, where is the Shrine of Our Lady of Ceriola. Along the slopes of the mountain and lakeside villages arise from the ancient traditions, such as dry fish in the sun on special wooden arches.

What to see Iseo Lake

Siviano, the capital of the island, located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level, and townships that are found in higher regions are appreciated for the production of oil, wine and a sausage typical of this island. On the southeastern shore of Lake Iseo is the town of Iseo, the main tourist center of the lake.

In the town of the most significant places of arts are Piazza Garibaldi, the Parish of San’Andrea, the Church of Santa Maria del Mercato and the Castle Oldofredi. On the shores of the lake other places of artistic and landscape interest are located in Sale Marasino, Maspiano, Sulzano, Paratico, Clusane, Tavernola, Lovere.