Islands Greece: what are the most beautiful, list 10 Greek islands

mykonos island greece
mykonos island greece

The islands of Greece are in majority in the Aegean and Crete include along with other numerous archipelagos very popular holiday sea.

Holidays in the Greek Islands

The islands of Greece accounts for about a fifth of the territory greek, are more than 3000 but to be inhabited only 167, most are located in the Aegean Sea and are conventionally divided into several groups. The island of Crete, the largest, is located in the south, while in the center, in the middle of the Aegean Sea, are the Cyclades Islands including Mykonos, which is the most popular island for a holiday by the sea.

The Dodecanese is located to the southeast, the island of Evia, big enough, is located near the coast of mainland Greece. There are also further north, the Northern Sporades and Peleponneso between Attica and the islands of the Saronic Gulf and the Gulf of Argos. Other important islands to Greece last minute trips are Cyprus and Corfu.

The 10 most beautiful islands of Greece

Santorini, volcanic island where the beaches are black like the lava, in contrast with the intense blue of the sea, to see the Fira, the White Town from where you can admire unforgettable and romantic sunsets. The most beautiful beaches are Red Beach, dark red, White Beach, the white sand, Kamari and Perissa, where there are more facilities for swimmers.

Paxos, near Corfu, is one of the largest islands in the Ionian Sea, little known but ideal for those who want to relax in the sun on the magnificent beaches in complete tranquility. A Gaios, the main town of the island, you can taste the freshly caught fish. About the beaches, which more successful for their beauty unquestioned, we Soulanena, Kloni Gouli, Gianna and Kipiadi, consigliatissima latter because, being accessible only on foot or by boat, offers the best experience from a naturalistic .

Mykonos is the island that offers more entertainment possibilities, in addition to the extraordinary beauty of the countryside, which is common with the other Greek islands, and the narrow streets that wind through very picturesque houses. Paradise Beach, Elia, Kalafati and Panormos are Best beaches.

Tilos is a mountainous island, recommended hikes on rough trails, to discover the wildlife and lush vegetation. Beaches are of rocks and pebbles, hard to reach and therefore uncrowded, but success among lovers of peace absolute, guaranteed, the best are Eristos, Red Beach, San Antonio.

Ikaria, whose name derives from Icarus, a character in Greek mythology who, according to legend, rushed into the Aegean Sea near this island. The wild nature makes it very attractive for fans of the beautiful scenery, to enjoy climbing, even slightly, above sea level. In addition there are several very nice beaches and bays as Iero, Agios Giorgi, Therma, Prions and Kilosirtis.

Skyros is part of the Sporades, the Aegean archipelago. What is striking at first sight is the contrast between the north and the south of the island, the one with abundant nature, the other, on the contrary, barren and devoid of vegetation. Among the most beautiful beaches Atitsa, Palamari, Gyrismata and Ahrounes.

Gavdos has an inviolate nature, with tourist reception poor but among the most beautiful beaches, inhabited by a few people who live here isolated from the world. Recommended beaches Ioannis, Agios and Potamos.

Milos is the place where it was found the Venus de Milo statue symbol of Greek beauty. Located south-west of the Cyclades, is characterized by a landscape very clear and rocky terrain. With dozens of bays, boasts some of the most beautiful beaches, including Sarakiniko, Papafragas, Pollonia and Papikinou.