Kansas Hotels: what to see in the state of the tribe of the Sioux

General information for travel in Kansas, where he is, origin of the name, characteristics of the area and interesting places to visit with the most important cities.

Guide Kansas

The state of Kansas is located in the center west of the US and has as its capital Topeka. The state of Kansas is named after the Kansa tribe Sioux original, translated into Italian term that means people of the south wind.

The Climate of Kansas is between the continental and semiarid subtropical humid with rainfall concentrated especially in summer and in the spring. Geographically Kansas is bordered to the north by Nebraska, to the east by the Missouri, on the south by Oklahoma and west by Colorado.

Also along with six other states, from North Dakota to Texas, form an imaginary dividing line between the eastern and the western part of the United States. The territory of Kansas is mostly flat as located in the region of the Great Plains.
Once the territory of Kansas was hunted bison and today is flourishing agriculture practiced with advanced techniques.

Things to do in Kansas

– Topeka, built in 1854 by anti-slavery come from the east coast of the United States at the head of Eli Thayer, is the capital of Kansas, as well as being also the county seat of Shawnee. A large area around the city called Topeka Metropolitan Statistical Area includes the counties of Shawnee, Jackson, Jefferson, Osage, and Wabaunsee.

The name derives from a Topeka native term that indicates a place suitable for the cultivation of potatoes. Topeka Zoo is characterized by tropical rainforest where there is a wide variety of animals in a natural environment very well organized.

– Wichita, another important and largest city of this state by extension, is located near the Arkansas River. It is home to prestigious aeronautic industries as Bombardier, Boeing, Raytheon and Cessna, who settled here their main plants.